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Customer Testimonials


"Thank you so much Martin for helping me & make more confident and safer driver when I taking my test this morning. I couldn't have pass it without your help. Best driving instructor ever? Highly recommend you to every new learner. THANK YOU A LOT"  बर्षा मलेकु 10/12/15
"5 stars Martin is a great teacher and did a great job guiding me through getting my P's" Lliam Lyle 09/12/15
"Best driving instructor ever. Martin helped me to pass just with around 15 lessons solely, and i didn't have any experience of driving before and no extra practicing besides lessons. Thank you Martin!!! I would have given him 10 stars if i could"   Thu Giang Nguyen 5 stars 
"Martin was an excellent driving instructer, definelty reccomend!"  Laura Louise 5 stars
"Thank you so much martin" Yama Khandan 5 stars
"Thank you so much Martin, I'm so grateful for the self confident I got from you,you were a good instructor, you know how to deal with different people from different background,you knew my weakness but it didn't stop you telling me " Pierre think, you need to talk to yourself, you can do it , ..." I know i wasn't good today as i use to be but I did it, I can now drive and drive safely, thank you for supporting me!" Peter Abrah Kalizeti 5 stars
" I am so thankfull Martin, you know how i started, you were a good instructor with a supportive heart, you pushed me to have self confident, when i am confused you use to tell me "Bernard you can do it" and today i did it ,thank you so much, God bless you!" Bernard Kalizeti
"Lessons with you have made me a lot more confident and safer driver on the road. The lessons prior to the driving test really helped me feel more confident, identified any issues with my driving on that day and helped a lot with getting me a pass. Thanks a lot Martin!" Matt Cole – 5 stars
"Thank you Martin! Couldn't have passed it without your amazing help and patience! Thank you!"   Amy Clarke5 stars
"Thank you so so much Martin for all your help on getting my p's last Friday!! Will be recommending you to everyone!! see you around" Chloe Gleeson 5 stars
" Just a quick note Martin to say thanks for the keys2drive session. It was way more helpful and informative than I thought and really built up my confidence, making me more relaxed to take the girls out. Thanks again "    - Jenny  Monash University
" Thank you Martin for your fantastic driving skills and helping me get my p's today:) could not be happier ! :-) " - Chrystle May
" I just want to thank you for your support in helping achieve my goal to get my Australian Licence. I feel very safe and confident drivnig. Thank you Again Anwar ."