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When teenagers start driving lessons, it can be a nervous and stressful time for many parents. Understandably your son or daughter’s safety is paramount and you want them to have the best possible start to their driving lives. 

Driver education is key, and the Mildura School of Driving recommends professional driver education as soon as your child gets his or her licence. 

Clearly your son or daughters' accredited driving instructor cannot always be there and cannot prepare them for all types of road conditions. As parents you will more often than not be the supervising driver. You will need to provide specific skills to Learner and recent Provisional licence drivers to help them safely transition to driving on our roads. 

The Learner can improve skills through good quality, frequent and relevant driving practice, which will be influenced by you as the Supervising Driver.  

Please note that VIC ROADS is updating its lsite [learner driver information site] & currently all links to vicroads & lsite is unavailable. We have been assured the updates will not take long & apologize for any inconvenience.

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