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PRE LEARNERS ... The road starts here, Are you ready?

Are you about to get your learners permit?

Practice tests

Try the practice tests on the Mission Australia Website.  They are very similar to the ones you will complete at Vic Roads when you take your real test.  Remember-at Vic Roads you must get 78% or higher to pass your learner permit test. Click on the heart to go to the webpage.

Please note that VIC ROADS is updating its lsite [learner driver information site] & currently all links to vicroads & lsite is unavailable. We have been assured the updates will not take long & apologize for any inconvenience.

Before you hit the road, hit the books

Find out everything you need to know about passing the learner permit test.

Time to take the test

Crack open the piggy bank

Nothing in life is free. Find out how much your L plates will cost.

 MORE Great information from the Vic Roads "L site"  Click here to enter