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Mildura School Of Driving  provides professional driving tuition as an investment for a lifetime of safe driving.
We equip novice drivers with skills and awareness training; enabling them to be better-prepared, competent & safe new drivers.

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Our Tuition is tailored to suit individual needs and is applicable to: 

Mildura School Of Driving provides you with: 

  • New Learners
  • Mature Learners
  • Nervous Learners
  • Special Needs Learners 
  • Post illness, injury rehabilitation lessons & assessment
  • Overseas License Change Overs
  • Pre Learner Permit Programs 1:1 or group tuition

  • Friendly Professional Accredited Instructors
  • Automatic or Manual  transmissions
  • Latest model air-conditioned Dual Control Vehicles
  • Manual and Automatic cars
  • Log book guidance
  • Pre-test Lessons - ‘Mock Test’ Assessment
  • Pre Learner Permit Tuition [1:1 or group focus]
  • Electronic Gift vouchers- for that unique practical gift

Mildura School of Driving covers both Victoria and New South Wales in the Sunraysia District including 

Mildura, Red Cliffs, Irymple, Merbein, Gol Gol, Dareton and Wentworth. 

Plus remember to register for  your free driving lesson via before giving Martin a call to book your free lesson.

NDIS enquiries welcome.