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Mildura School Of Driving - investment for a lifetime of safe driving  Mob 0419 271300
 Mildura School Of Driving  provides professional driving tuition as an investment for a lifetime of safe driving-equiping novice drivers with skills and awareness training; enabling them to be better-prepared, competent & safe new drivers.
Our Tuition is tailored to suit individual needs and is applicable to:

Mildura School Of Driving provides you with:
  • Friendly Professional Accredited Instructors
  • Automatic or Manual  transmissions
  • Latest model air-conditioned Dual Control Vehicles
  • Manual and Automatic cars
  • 7 Day Per Week Service With Flexible Pickup & Hours To Suit 
  • Night Driving
  • Log book guidance
  • Pre-test Lessons Include ‘Mock Test’ Assessment
  • Pre Learner Permit Tuition [1:1 or group focus]
  • Gift vouchers, for that unique practical gift

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